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About Us


BE FRIDA is a unique Mexican art gallery, arise from the desire of proudly show the artistic and cultural heritage of Mexico in a modern and contemporary way through of artisan expressions of different regions of the country. All designs by: BE FRIDA are carefully handcrafted, so there is not one piece identical to another. Indigenous women from various regions of Mexico have inherited the techniques of elaboration from generation to generation.

So when you buy any product you contribute to the sustainability of each region and the preservation of these techniques. Each product is an expression of art, culture, love and passion for Mexico. At BE FRIDA you will attain: silver jewelry, painted mud pottery, handmade textiles, carved wood, embroidery and other decorative pieces. .

 Sterling Silver Jewelry

In BE FRIDA we are pleased to have the renowned brand in silver jewelry “EBA Ballesteros” which is a 100% Mexican company, founded in 1986 by the designer Elena Ballesteros, considered today as one of the most important jewelries in México. (We integrated a great team of designers, creatives and highly qualified silversmiths, being also conscious in taking back the essence of our prehispanic jewelry of great cultural significance.) Some of the semiprecious stones used for jewelry are amethyst, lapis lazuli, garnet, malachite, black onyx among many others. With a minimum standard of quality .925 sterling and up to the highest quality .999 in pure silver.
 BE FRIDA´S concept not only covers handicrafts and Mexican jewelry goes further. We get the flavors of Mexico through the popsicles SA POPS (franchise) wich originate from San Antonio TX. The chef Andrew Gutierrez creates these artisan popsicles with fruit of the season.
Which gives as result a product with excellent flavor, 100% natural and without conservatives. Some of the flavors are: Mexican chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon, pistachio, and banana among many others.